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For over 30 years, Royal Service & Rentals, Inc. has provided a comprehensive range of sonar imaging and inspection services to land and marine projects for the oil and gas industry. Not only do we utilize some of the most innovative technology in the industry, we utilize high-quality components to create customized service solutions. Our clients have numerous demands placed on them and we put all of our energy into helping them meet those demands.

The success of your project depends on solid planning, innovative, easy-to-use equipment, and a constant, watchful eye toward safety. Our imaging and inspection services can help drive your success:

Sonar Imaging Services


When the need to see is as important as the need to know

Welcome to Royal's website, Royal Service & Rentals, Inc. is a Louisiana based service company servicing the Oil & Gas Industry since 1982.

With service centers located in Broussard LA, Bossier City LA, Ft Worth TX, Midland TX, and Pittsburgh PA, Royal Service & Rentals, Inc. provides excellent sales and service throughout the continental USA and coastal waters. Learn more.

Royal Technicians are certified by: Oxalis & CMP Products