Wireless Emergency Shutdown                                               


Royal Video & Communication Systems and Infinity Management LLC offers the latest in ESD system technology. The Wireless Emergency Shutdown Device (W-ESD) (Patent Pending) easily integrates into existing ESD systems. The W-ESD allows shut down by means of portable hand-held transmitters and or wireless wall mountable transmitting stations. The wireless aspect of these transmitters means that a location can have shutdown stations in areas where the traditional ESD systems do not. More stations means more coverage and less time to shut down a system.

A key benefit of the W-ESD portable shutdown transmitter is its prevention of personnel having to travel towards or through a hazardous environment in order to shut in a system during a crisis. By eliminating the need to locate and travel to an ESD station, the W-ESD is not only safer and more efficient, it allows personnel to focus on managing an incident during the initial stages and thereby possibly diffusing a problem before it escalates to an unsafe or catastrophic level.

The W-ESD was designed and developed by Infinity Management’s President, and 36 year oil and gas veteran, Mike Fontenot. Fontenot’s experiences as an Offshore Production Operator and Safety Equipment Technician were the motivating factors behind the development of this product. During his experiences with traditional fixed station ESD systems, Fontenot has noticed the inherent problems and shortcoming of these systems. One major issue with fixed site systems is apparent when no one activates the ESD during an emergency and this fact is not realized until after the location is evacuated. In this scenario, a wireless system would enable personnel to initiate a shutdown remotely. The safety factor and cost savings of this ability is both apparent and invaluable.

The W-ESD is manufactured using Royal’s ISO 9008:2001 QMS system and supported by Royal’s multiple service centers staffed with professional technicians and is available for purchase or rent.


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