Offsite Video Monitoring                                               

Royal can provide the complete package: satellite equipment, with necessary bandwith, internet service and IP phone service.


Offsite Video Monitoring
  • Ultra low satellite bandwidth requirements
  • Near real-time remove viewing (<2 second delay)
  • Up to 10 video frames per second
  • Transmit video and data simultaneously
  • Unlimited number of users (domestic or foreign)
  • No remote software required (web based operation)
  • Remote viewing of live and recorded video
  • Single or multiple cameras (analog or IP)
  • Local and remote video storage
  • Secure login/password for each user
  • Remote diagnostic/trouble shooting 
  • Local and remote P/T/Z Controls
  • Minimal AC power requirement
  • View/Control accessible worldwide


  • Offshore platforms monitoring for oil sheens
  • Temporary construction sites requiring video
  • Monitoring large public/private gatherings
  • Marine vessel application
  • Remote tank batteries
  • Plant facilities
  • Boat docks
  • Navigation water ways


Should you have any questions or require additional information regarding our products or services, you may contact us toll free at 1-800-729-1122 or at our Broussard, Louisiana facility at 337-364-4000 or via e-mail at  .



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