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Royal Video & Communications  were pioneers in providing crane boom camera systems to the offshore oil and gas industry. The Royal Crane Boom Camera System proved to be invaluable in the day to day operation of offshore cranes being used to move personnel and equipment on and off of rigs. The Royal Crane Boom Camera System allows the crane operator to have a real-time view of his cargo before, during, and after the lift which increases safety by decreasing blind spots. This system was designed and proven to prevent personnel injuries and equipment damages. Royal can custom build crane camera systems to meet our customer’s specifications and unique needs specializing each system for the style of crane and its operating environment. These Crane Boom Camera Systems from Royal Video & Communications  provide exceptional durability, are easy to install and operate, and can help you provide safe load transfers in a number of environments. This innovation has positively impacted crane operations for many years and thus has been awarded “Pearl” status by Shell Oil for its performance and contribution to their commitment to safety.

This proven product along with our impeccable 24/7 service/support team has established Royal as the brand of choice for many operators and OEM crane manufactures.

Our crane boom camera systems are appropriate for use in harsh marine environments as well as land based applications.  The Royal Crane Boom Camera System provides an impressive array of standard features and options, including:

Crane Boom Camera

  • Robust, explosion proof housing
  • 12.1” daylight readable (1600 NIT) high-res LCD monitor
  • ¼” low-light auto iris color camera with 43X optical zoom and 16X digital zoom lens
  • Marine shipboard rated cable
  • Variable power supply 12 VDC, 115VAC , 230VAC  and Solar power
  • Real-time video feed
  • Remote video viewing feature allows video to be view remotely from an office
  • Multiple cameras for monitoring cable drum, tracks, and surrounding areas
  • Digital video recorder for high risk lifts or day to day event recording
  • Royal’s  specially designed  universal jib bracket (Patent Pending) can be mounted on virtually any crane boom within a matter of minutes, this jib bracket is designed to minimize camera swing and maintain the camera view perpendicular with the cargo being lifted

We encourage you to speak with one of our product specialists to see how a Royal Crane Boom Camera System from Royal Video & Communications can assist in the prevention of property damage, injury, and down time often associated with crane use.

Should you have any questions or require additional information regarding our products or services, you may contact us toll free at 1-800-729-1122 or at our Broussard, Louisiana facility at 337-364-4000 or via e-mail at  .



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